Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Keith MilnerKeith Milner
1st time pass
Passed 1st time with Gary Rowe, had a fabulous learning experience, professional & patient instruction at all times, highly recommended!

1st Time Pass
So....This morning, I passed my driving test, I am so happy right now and it’s all thanks to Gary. I have experienced a few driving instructors in the past that I felt wasn’t really ideal for me and my learning which left me very uneasy to start with someone new again. But I messaged Gary as I wanted to do an intensive course. And Since being in touch with Gary I have felt more positive in my driving, He not only makes me feel calm but helped me to remain positive throughout my lessons. His planning ahead really worked well for me and his technics especially parallel parking worked so well, that it’s the easiest I’ve ever learned it. Gary is a wonderful and patient instructor and I would and have already recommended him. Thank you so much Gary for you kindness and help these last 3 weeks. Couldn’t of done it without you! Xx

Jono MatonJono Maton
1st Time Pass
Having started a new job, it was imperative for myself to get my driving license a quickly as I possibly could. My first lesson was in August and by December the 8th I had passed my theory and practical driving test comfortably. The confidence I was given behind the wheel from Gary in the early stages enabled me to progress at a fast rate, which was key to me passing first time. His laid back but stern style was perfect for someone like me, whose confidence is knocked easily. Mistakes were brushed under the carpet and my blameless driving skills were praised. I could not have imagined learning to drive with anyone else as I think I wouldn’t have my license as rapidly as I do today with anyone else teaching me to drive. He’s reliable, honest and has comfortably become someone who I owe a lot to. His friendly demeanour enabled me to relax behind the wheel, which also helped me to learn so quick. I would advise anyone, who is looking for a driving instructor who strikes the perfect balance, to choose Gary. I am very much looking forward to seeing him around.

Keenan PillayKeenan Pillay
Passed 1st time - 2 week course
Gary is an extremely professional, competent and polite driving instructor. We had an initial meeting before booking my son’s lessons and I had no doubt he was the man for the job! An intense course is ideal for those short of time or unable to commit to regular lessons. I am over the moon with my son’s first time pass and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Gary to anyone.

Robin Shukla Robin Shukla
Passed 1st Time
I took the semi-intensive course with Gary, after my dad teaching me to drive for a few weeks prior. Before my lessons with Gary I completed the LDC book and DVDs which I would recommend to other learners if you want to get the most out of your lessons. I learnt the basics with my dad but my time with Gary developed me into a confident driver. Gary quickly spotted and corrected any of my bad habits. He put effort into answering all of my driving queries and giving me detailed explanations on how to drive in all kinds of scenarios as well as accurately completing manoeuvres. Gary let me work on the areas I wanted to improve on, often fitting a lot of driving skills into each lesson. It's clear that Gary doesn't just want to teach you how to drive, but he wants you to be a good driver. He is friendly, great to chat to and doesn't react badly if you make mistakes, he always stays calm, which makes you feel very comfortable learning with him. With Gary's help I passed first time, with only 2 minors, which shows how well Gary teaches his students the skill of driving and gives them confidence in their own abilities. Thank you for all your help Gary! Would definitely recommend!

Madison RoweMadison Rowe
5 star instructor
My uncle Gary is a fantastic instructor. He is calm when teaching and is motivational and very supportive. He believes in all his students and is very determined to help everyone pass first time. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn. He never gave up on me which motivated me to do well. Fantastic instructor in Southampton.

Oliver RyallOliver Ryall
1st time pass in 2 weeks
First time pass after a 2 week course! All thanks to Gary! A brilliant instructor with a methodic approach to passing the test. The lessons and instructing where very well set out to my personal needs and insured an excellent driving experience. Gary was very good at helping me learn from my mistakes and improve. A 5/5 instructor, I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone out there! Thanks Gary!

Zofia RogersZofia Rogers
1st time pass in my own car
5/5, The structure of the lessons is down to personal choice which enabled me to shape and decide how I wanted to spend my time and what I needed to focus on. A really calm, reassuring and comfortable environment and uses constructive criticism to boost confidence while driving. Really helped with understanding manoeuvres that my parents couldn't help with and gave useful reference points to make each one seem easy. The handbook also made it simple to remind myself of the steps to manoeuvres when not in driving lessons and explained the test layout in detail. Always made sure I booked lessons in convenient times for myself and was flexible if I needed to change the times of my lessons or location for any reason. Would definitely recommend for anyone learning to drive!

Connor LambConnor Lamb
5 star teacher
Gary was my second instructor. He helped so much with my confidence and making sure I got the pass. I would rate him 5/5 and would certainly recommend him to a friend. An important factor to me eventually passing was how Gary approached my faults. It's been a pleasure having lessons with him!

3 weeks, 30 hours, 1st time PASS
Gary is a brilliant instructor. I did a semi-intensive course, over 3 weeks, which I knew would be hard work but Gary paced it well and was incredibly patient when the pressure (I was putting on myself) got too much for me. As a trained teacher I was very impressed with the way he adapted to my learning style and made adjustments in the way he explained things so I would understand. In fact that was why I chose the LDC school as their way of teaching; with the book and DVDs as well as the lessons is the best way for most people to learn. I found that watching the videos and reading the relevant chapters in advance really made the most use of my time in the car but the best bit for me was the section where

I planned what I wanted to do in the next lesson. I felt like I was in charge of my own learning and if I felt I needed a bit more practice in one area then I could put it down and discuss it with Gary at the start of the next lesson. He was really flexible and always incorporated any areas that I wanted to work on into the lesson, without making me feel awkward about wanting to focus on them. Gary is very easy to talk to and answered any questions I had clearly. He was happy for me to experiment with different driving environments so one day we the radio on, quietly of course, and he was happy for me to drive with the window open, even when the rain was coming in and soaking his car. I got quite nervous as the test got closer and he took the time to take me to the test centre so I could wander round and get a feel for the place before the test itself, which really helped.

Why did I choose Gary? When I started this journey I knew I wanted to use LDC but there were a number of LDC instructors covering Winchester. Having looked at them all I chose Gary because he had taken the time to personalise his 'about me' section on his website. It sounds like a small thing to make a decision on but to me that showed he really cares and is passionate about working with individuals, rather than just doing a job. I definitely made the right decision and would recommend Gary to anyone wanting to learn to drive in a calm and positive atmosphere.

I would without doubt give give Gary 5/5 stars. I took my time to pass but with Gary's expertise he made my hurdle possible. Gary was always patient with myself and confident I would pass. The LDC driving school helped me massively with readily available content via internet and books. This helped develop core driving skills and always be constantly on hand to offer support. This helped massively for any time not in the car. Gary would always help to highlight areas for improvement, especially for my bay parking. Gary was always calm and would always explain things thoroughly to help improve myself. I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to pass their driving test

Lucy RobinsonLucy Robinson
One minor fault
5 Stars - 2nd time pass Both Gary's calm and constructive manner helped me to pass my test with only one minor, I can't believe it. The LDC driving manual and Gary's knowledge really boosted my confidence as a learner driver. I had previously had 2 other instructors and Gary has outshone them all. We nailed manoeuvres every lesson and all in all I feel that I am the best driver I can be, all thanks to Gary's hints, tips and tricks. I'm looking forward to my motorway lesson with Gary in a few weeks. Of course I would recommend Gary! Thank You!

Passed 2nd Time
Hi Gary this is thanks letter. Today passed 2nd time. Thank you very much Gary! I have been learn to drive for 4 years.Gary is my 3rd instructor. He is quite strict but that's important because of the dangers and always ask me a question if I made some mistakes and taught me important techniques from himself. Gary helped me to build up my confidence due to the fear of speed. Thank you for him get me on the road. I would recommend him to anybody they want to learn how to driving safely.

Steph FrenchSteph French
Passed 1st Time
I would give Gary 5/5 stars I was so happy to pass first time, I never thought it was possible. Gary built my confidence up and made me feel like I could do anything. The LD workbook help massively. I could put my thoughts down and wrote things I needed to improve and how which helped for the next lesson. Gary made the environment so friendly and chilled which helped me and we had a right giggle after having such a bad experience with previous instructors. I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to pass first time.

Luke TrayhornLuke Trayhorn
1st time pass
Gary was the best instructor I could possibly ask for and would defiantly rate him 5 out of 5 stars. I never thought I would be able to pass my test but Gary gave me the confidence to past 1st time. Gary explained everything very clearly and in lots of detail to help me with things I was struggling on. Gary was very encouraging, I did not have any confidence when I started driving and without Gary’s help I would have never become a confident driver. The LD system was amazing in helping me learn to drive. The workbook had detailed chapters including diagrams which explained everything in detail. It helped a lot by visualizing what I was learning by looking at the diagrams in the workbook.

The workbook also included lesson planners, I found it extremely helpful writing reflections on each lesson. This helped me remember what we had learn each week. As well as the workbook, the LDC YouTube channel had extremely helpful videos which explained each new lesson in good detail. It was helpful watching these videos before each lesson. Gary created a very calm and relaxing environment for me to learn in as I was very nervous to start learning to drive.

Gary remained calm no matter how many times I messed some stuff up. I would defiantly recommend Gary as a driving instructor he remained calm and explained everything in great detail and would always help me improve and I would have never of passed my test 1st time without him. Thank you! Thanks again Gary :)

Amber HouldersAmber Houlders
2nd time pass
Gary is an absolutely fantastic instructor to learn from. Everything is amazing and very professional. He goes out of his way to make sure it’s a very fun and educational environment to learn in. The LDC is one of the best driving companies in and around Winchester, and all in all I would highly recommend the LDC driving school. They are a brilliant company! Thanks again, you were really a great instructor to have. And hopefully I should be seeing you soon for some motorway lessons!

5 star teacher
Gary was great help even when I didn't believe in myself. He kept on assuring me that I can do it. The book helped me prepare for my practical, especially as regards to the roundabouts. It helped me know how to approach all situations, mainly roundabouts. Gary always had words of assurance and kept on saying I could do it. Your sincerity was also a great help. The flexibility in your time is also encouraging. The best thing I learnt is the reverse to the left. The reason is because I struggled so much about the manoeuvre and thought I should give up but Gary helped me learn it so well. I would recommend you to anyone because you are patient, sincere and straightforward. Thank you.

Jane LehtmetsJane Lehtmets
6/5 stars
Passed 2nd time. Gary was always calm and kept me calm to focus. I also think he put up with me at times. I was quite worried about parallel parking, but he went through it step by step and gave good reference points to do it better. His way of teaching gave me confidence to be a better driver. The LD system DVD and book was very helpful and helped me plan ahead for the lesson. The way the book is laid out helps you focus lesson by lesson. Gary gave clear instructions and kept a calm environment even when I made mistakes and always asked how to make it better rather than tell me. I would recommend him because his approach will help everyone pass their driving test.

Lauren HooperLauren Hooper
1st Time Pass
5/5 stars. He helped calm my nerves and helped with my confidence as it improved with every lesson. Gary always made lessons enjoyable by getting to know me and it made me feel at ease. I would recommend Gary and the LDC system because it allows you to chose on what you think you need to work on instead of having a set lesson schedule by the instructor.

Lucy BonehamLucy Boneham
5 Star Teacher
5/5 The confidence that you gave me whilst I was learning and the positive feedback and learning environment you provided. I used both the DVD and the book to help when it came to show me tell me questions, watching and looking at the manoeuvres, I liked that I could decide how I wanted to spend the lessons and what I wanted to achieve. You are very friendly and easy to talk to. You explain things in a way that is very understanding and your very patient when it comes to doing manoeuvres. I would recommend you because you are a very kind person and your a patient teacher who's willing to help anyway you can. I have already recommended you to my friends :)

Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor
1st Time Pass
Gary is a very calm and able instructor who was able to identify and meet my needs as a learner. Having had lessons years ago with an instructor I didn't get on well with, I was nervous but Gary was more positive and gave me a much better experience. Gary was a reassuring change and a great instructor. I would definitely recommend learning with him.

Charlee RoweCharlee Rowe
Gary is a fantastic driving instructor - friendly and relaxed, I was put at ease as soon as I sat in the car. He let me decide what I wanted to do in lessons and was patient, giving me the freedom to practice something until I was happy and comfortable with it. Throughout all my lessons, Gary gave me constructive criticism on how to improve my driving. If I was struggling to understand his explanation on how to do a manoeuvre, he would try his best to tell me in another way that I could understand better. I was very surprised with the LDC system too. Gary set me up with a log in to the website, where every possible question that could come up on my theory test was there for me to practice, along with the highway code and online driving booklet. I wasn't expecting this, as none of my friends who were learning had anything like this to use. I would 100% recommend Gary as a driving instructor. Thanks for helping me get on the road Gary!

Katie LawrenceKatie Lawrence
1st Time Pass
Gary's calmness and approach to lessons helped me immensely. I had no confidence with gears when I started with him. I had lessons before and just didn't have the confidence to continue. I was so nervous but Gary helped me through it all. The workbook and DVD that I got from LDC helped with a lot of the points to help me prepare, revise and answered a lot of questions. The LDC system worked very well for me being a nervous driver, the approach system is great and how things are dealt with. Gary created a very friendly and comfortable environment by chatting to me, helping me with any questions I had and showing me everything I needed. I will and already have recommended Gary to friends and family due to his good approach with people, his patience is great and all round kindness in himself.

Patryk Kowlaczyk Patryk Kowlaczyk
Passed 2nd time
Fantastic day today passed my test all thanks to the wonderful driving instructor Gary, he's an excellent teacher and is always jolly and calm. He was my only instructor but I wouldn't want anyone instead. I like the LD system as the workbook lays out all the plans but it's down to me what I want to focus on. He was great, always stayed calm and very understandable. I would recommend him to anyone due to his successful teaching method.

Jess TowsonJess Towson
Passed 1st time
I was very pleased to be taught by Gary. He asked me what I wanted to do and that's what we practiced. He gave clear instructions, always kept calm and went through any mistakes to work on. The student hub helped me pass my theory and I would recommend him to anyone.

Hannah ForrestHannah Forrest
Refresher Course
Gary is a great driving instructor! The driving lessons were fun and relaxed and he put me at ease straight away. His constant positivity and encouragement helped me hugely! Overall I would recommend Gary as he is an excellent instructor and very professional and calm. Thank you for all your help with my driving.

Sam WilliamsonSam Williamson
Passed 1st time
I'm absolutely delighted with my lessons I had with Gary, he made them very interesting and enjoyable and thanks to him I passed first time...I'd thoroughly recommend Gary to anyone I know looking for lessons. Heres to a new lease of life...thanks Gary! 😀